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Is Freezing Warts Effective?

Warts are a pain. They can cause physical discomfort, pressure, friction and low self-esteem. Sometimes they resolve on their own but, for many, freezing warts is the most effective solution.

This is a tried and tested method known as cryotherapy, in which a specialist applies a very cold substance to the wart, usually liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, causing it to ‘freeze off’.

Who can have it? Is it painful? Do warts actually disappear? Scroll down to have your questions answered.

Does Freezing Warts Work?

Perhaps freezing warts sounds odd, but cryotherapy is an excellent method for getting rid of lots of skin lesions, including warts, moles, skin tags and verrucas.
This treatment has been around for decades, and has been constantly improving. In 2012, a review showed it had a 60-86% success rate as a treatment for common warts. In 2015, a study showed a 75% success rate. In 2019, further research saw an 88% success rate.
At Skin Innovation, we use the most effective tool available, the new gold standard for cryotherapy: Freezpen.

Freezpen Cryotherapy

Freezpen is a pen-shaped device that uses nitrous oxide, a safer alternative to liquid nitrogen, applying it to lesions at a temperature of -89°C.
The process begins by scraping dead skin cells from the wart with a scalpel, exposing more of the surface skin containing the virus causing the wart to the freezing agent. Then, the specialist applies jets of cold nitrous oxide, freezing warts and skin lesions in its path.
As they freeze, the water inside forms ice crystals, breaking the cell structure and rupturing the membrane. Water fills the area, forming a blister. When the skin heats up again, blood vessels expand, returning blood flow to the tissues and flushing out inflammation.
The treatment is fast, does not require surgery, and can bring back the natural beauty of your complexion. Freezpen is proven safe and effective, can be used in all body areas and has minimal downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Be Treated?

Cryotherapy is a good treatment for anyone who wants fast and efficient results, with the Freezpen process only taking about 15 minutes.
The treatment effectively eliminates most warts, except those in the genital area. Research shows it’s especially good for freezing warts on the hands, as well as plantar warts on the feet.
However, it’s not just warts that can be resolved by freezing. Cryotherapy is constantly evolving, and with our modern Freezpen technology, we can also remove moles, skin tags and dark spots.

What Should I Expect?

You may have a tingling sensation with the initial freezing. Most patients experience some anaesthetic effect from the extremely low temperatures, but some people are more sensitive to pain, in which case our specialist can apply a local anaesthetic to the wart.
You may experience a pinching or burning sensation in the following days, with potential swelling, soreness and colour change. This is all completely normal, and paracetamol or ibuprofen is usually enough to handle the discomfort.
Around 24 hours after cryotherapy, a blister forms around the wart. It will resolve within 2–3 days, although the complete recovery from cryotherapy usually takes a week. It is important to keep the area clean and dry, and free from pressure.
A wonderful benefit of freezing warts is that it’s permanent for most conditions, though in some cases more than one session is required.

Freezing Warts At Skin Innovation

With no side effects, great results and a short recovery time, cryotherapy is a great wart treatment!

You can get the ball rolling at Skin Innovation with a free consultation. A specialist will answer your questions, tell you what to expect and tailor their approach based on your age and health.

Read up on Freezpen or browse skin treatments by heading to our website.

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