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What areas that can be treated with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatments to get rid of unwanted hair. It can treat every body part, and result in hairless and smoother skin.

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment nowadays, as it helps both men and women get rid of unwanted hair forever. Wax and shavers can stay in the past after a number of laser hair removal treatments. It is a safe and effective treatment, with great benefits.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

In its basics, laser hair removal is a treatment where each hair follicle is treated. The ability of the laser to reach the source of the hair growth is what makes the treatment so efficient and most important – temporary. The laser penetrates deep into the skin, and heats up the hair follicles. After the treatment, they are no longer able to produce hair.

Actually, laser hair removal is one of the few treatments to alter the follicles in this way and show such great results. Shaving for example just cuts hair at the surface, and waxing pulls the hairs out by the roots, but the follicles remain active. So, if you want lasting results, laser hair removal is the best treatment you can choose.

What body areas can be treated with Laser Hair Removal?

Practically, every part of the human body can be treated with laser hair removal. Of course, we cannot say exactly how many treatments are needed for each part, and how fast the result will come, as it depends on different factors.

An interesting fact is that an average person has about 5 million hair follicles, and people try to get rid of most of them. Fortunately, laser hair removal makes this possible.

Let’s see what body areas can be treated with laser hair removal

The legs

The legs may be one of the most popular body parts for laser hair removal treatment. Truth is, they usually respond great to the treatment. The reason for that is that leg hair is usually thicker and darker, and can easily be treated by the laser. Because of this, you can get some great results after only a few treatments.

Leg laser hair removal is a personal treatment, and you are free to choose which part exactly you want to treat. You can choose to treat only your calf, your thigh, as well as the entire leg.

Here at Skin Innovation Clinic you can have a laser hair removal on Lower, Upper, or Full Legs, and we will be glad to help you achieve the best results.

Bikini area

Similar to the legs, the hair on the bikini area is usually thicker and darker. This means it can also respond quickly and effectively to laser hair removal treatment. Again, the number of treatments required for best results depends on many factors, but usually it takes about 6–8 sessions to enjoy effective hair reduction. After each treatment your hair will grow finer, you will have no more bumps and ingrown hair.

At Skin Innovation Clinic, you can choose from four different types of bikini hair removal.


Underarms are another popular body area for laser hair removal. What is great about treating this area is not only you get rid of the unwanted hair, but it can lessen the dark shading many people see after shaving or waxing.

Again, about 6–8 treatments are required to achieve permanent hair reduction in the underarms.

At Skin Innovation, you can get an effective underarms’ hair removal treatment at a price starting from £39 per session.


The arms are another body part you can treat with laser and enjoy permanent results after a couple of months.

Similar to the legs, you can choose what part of the arms to treat. As we already said, you can treat your underarms, as well as your lower or upper arms. Of course, you can also choose to treat your full arms.

At Skin Innovation clinic, we will provide an effective laser hair removal treatment for every body part you choose.


Of course, face hair is one of the most unwanted, and hard to hide. Moreover, wax and shaving will not bring desired results to this body part.

To get rid of dark hair on the upper lip, cheeks, sideburns or other parts of the face, laser hair removal is the greatest treatment.

About 3–5 treatments are needed to get the best results, but again the exact number of sessions required depends on personal factors.

Back and chest

As we already mentioned, laser hair removal is a treatment preferred by both men and women, and there isn’t a body part that cannot be treated by a laser. So, laser hair removal can be a great treatment for anyone who wants a smooth, hairless and thinned-out chest and back area.

Basically, you can have laser hair removal treatment on every part of the body. However, keep in mind that this is an individual treatment, and the results depend on many different factors. Furthermore, the sessions required for each body part may also differ, based on personal factors.

At Skin Innovation, we use an industry-leading Candela Gentlemax Pro, to give you the best results.

Book a Free Consultation with us and our specialists will give you more information about the treatment, and the results you can expect, as well as the sessions required to achieve the desired outcome. Moreover, the free consultation includes a treatment plan and patch test, to provide you an effective and safe treatment.


Book Online your Laser Hair Removal Treatmentand enjoy the best results!

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