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Profhilo – Everything you need to know

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo was announced as The Treatment for 2019 from The Times, and there are some reasons for that. But what exactly is Profhilo, and why is it so popular? We’ll try to answer these frequently asked questions.

Profhilo is an injectable skin remodeling treatment containing a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, created for people whose skin lacks volume and elasticity.

Unlike popular anti-wrinkle treatments, Profhilo doesn’t just plump and fill wrinkles. It slowly releases Hyaluronic Acid, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, leading to improved skin tone, hydration and appearance of fine lines. As a result, you will get a great skin quality, lasting for six or more months.

How does it work?

Hyaluronic Acid is hydrophilic, which means it draws and holds water from the body. Profhilo acts as a hydrator, and not as a filler. It is a great treatment for people with tired, dull-looking skin, as it turns it into a firm and luminous skin.

Usually it takes from 3 to 5 days to see the results from Profhilo.

A few weeks after the treatment, collagen and elastin production is stimulated, producing a secondary effect of skin tightening. As we know, levels of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid drop rapidly after the age of 30, leading to signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and lackluster skin. Profhilo treatment is able to reverse these changes.

A great effect from this treatment can be seen about 2 months after the second treatment.

What does the procedure include?

Before Profhilo

As with any other treatment, we suggest you have a consultation with a specialist, before Profhilo treatment. At Skin Innovation clinic, you can book a free consultation, and we guarantee you will receive the best advice and the most proper treatment.

Our specialists will give you a full explanation of the procedure, as well as its clinical and aesthetic benefits, risks and aftercare.

During the Profhilo treatment

The treatment takes around half an hour. During that time, you will receive Profhilo injections into the treated area.

After Profhilo

You will not see immediate results from the Profhilo treatment. As we already said, the greatest results can be seen after the second treatment. Of course, we suggest you make a follow-up appointment to make sure there are no complications.

What are the benefits from Profhilo?

Profhilo is a great treatment, stimulating the production of collagen and improving the skin tone, texture, hydration and overall skin appearance. It can improve firmness and elasticity, leading to a healthy and soft skin.

Profhilo is mostly used for facial areas, as well as for the neck, arms, knees and hands.

Are there any risks?

There aren’t any risks associated with the Profhilo treatment. The only risk involved is, if it is not done by someone, who is appropriately qualified. That is why we suggest you always have a consultation and trust only specialists to do the treatment.

Is it permanent?

Profhilo is not a permanent treatment. In fact, Hyaluronic acid based treatments are not permanent, as the ingredients are being absorbed by the body eventually.

So, if you want to keep the effect from the Profhilo treatment, you must have a treatment every six months. This should be sufficient to maintain the benefits.

Profhilo – Frequently asked questions

Does Profhilo hurt?

It is possible to feel a slight stinging feeling during the injections, but it only lasts a few seconds.

Are there any bruises or marks after Profhilo treatment?

It is possible to have a small amount of swelling or bruising at the injection points, as well as some tenderness for the first 24-72 hours.

What does Profhilo treat?

Profhilo is an effective treatment for treating skin laxity, and improving the quality of the skin.

Can I have Profhilo together with other treatments?

Profhilo can be used at the same time with other treatments such as botox, and dermal fillers to add volume to specific areas and provide more overall rejuvenation.

Where to get a Profhilo treatment?

As we already have mentioned, Profhilo treatment should be made only by professionals. Here at Skin Innovation clinic, you will find a team of experts, who will provide a deep skin analysis and will give you the most proper treatment for your skin type and condition.

Book a free consultation with us today!

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