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How to get rid of your acne scars

Acne can be one of the most stubborn and frustrating skin problems anyone could have. Almost everyone has suffered from this unpleasant skin condition at some moment. While for some people it appears for a short period of time, for others it is a huge problem, requiring long treatment.


If you have suffered from acne, you might know that acne scars are as stubborn as the acne itself. They also require proper treatment. Fortunately, it is not impossible to get rid of acne scars – all you need to do is to have consultation with a specialist, who will suggest the best solution for you and your skin.


What are acne scars?


Acne scars are formed when a breakout penetrates deeply in the skin and damages the tissue beneath it. An important thing for finding the right acne scars treatment is understanding the type of your scars, as each treatment has different effects on the different scar types.


Moreover, your skin tone is also an important factor to consider. If you have darker skin, for example, it is not recommended to have a deep skin laser treatment, as there is a higher risk of scarring and pigmentation.


Most common acne scar types


Atrophic acne scars – Also known as depressed scars, they are most common on the face. It sits below the surrounding skin, and is formed when there is not enough collagen, while the acne is healing.


Hypertrophic acne scars – This type of scars is most common with chest and back acne. They stand above the surface of the skin, and are caused by too much collagen during the healing process.


How to treat and get rid of acne scars?


Although acne scars can be a stubborn skin problem that takes time to get rid of, it is not impossible to achieve some great result and get back the great appearance of your skin.


Here are some of the best treatments you can try, for getting rid of your acne scars:


Chemical Peels


Chemical Peels treatment is another great way to make your acne scars disappear. However, it is more effective for people with lighter skin tone and deep acne scars.


Chemical peels use ingredients which help shed the top layer of the skin, and reveal fresh and clearer skin.


Furthermore, Chemical peels are a great treatment for preventing future breakouts and pimples. The skin texture becomes much smoother and good-looking.


As with any other treatment, there are some factors that can affect the final result of a chemical peel, such as:


  • Severity of the acne
  • Skin type
  • Skin tone
  • Other treatments


To see if this is the best treatment for your skin condition, book a consultation with a specialist.


SkinPen Microneedling


SkinPen Microneedling is another popular skin treatments, showing some great results with conditions such as:


  • Fine line
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven tone
  • Acne scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks


As you might guess, SkinPen microneedling is also a great treatment for reducing acne scarring. It is a popular option among people, trying to enhance their appearance, and get rid of acne scars, through collagen production, and rejuvenation of the skin. It is great for any skin types and tones, and its main power is allowing the body to heal itself.


The number of treatments depends on the patient and his skin condition, types of scarring, and medical history.


To get the best results, we recommend you have a consultation with a specialist. He will suggest a proper treatment, to get the best results possible.


Laser Skin Rejuvenation


Laser treatment is another popular treatment that can help you minimize the appearance of acne scars. It focuses light on the top layers of the skin, and encourages new and healthy skin cells to grow. It stimulates the production of collagen and reduces the production of sebum.


Although it cannot remove acne scars completely, it is a great treatment for reducing them, and giving a smoother and much clearer look of the skin.


Acne and acne scars are something almost everyone is familiar with. Happily, there are many treatments that help us fight this stubborn and unpleasant skin condition. Besides all the treatments we mentioned, you should also consider a proper home skin care, to help you reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars. Choose your skincare routine carefully, and if possible, with the help of a specialist.

Here at Skin Innovation clinic, you can Book a Free Consultation. Our specialists will do a skin analysis and will suggest the best treatment for your skin type and condition!


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