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Prepare For Laser Hair Removal With These 10 Facts

Laser hair removal is top of the class, one of the most beloved beauty treatments. It’s a wonderful way to simplify your beauty routine, getting rid of waxing, shaving and itchy ingrown hairs. However, you might find yourself feeling nervous and unsure of what to expect, especially if it’s your first time. In that case, mull over these reassuring facts as you prepare for laser hair removal.

But first, a bit of background.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

The science behind laser hair removal is fairly simple. It works by using light to target the melanin in unwanted hair. It’s sent deep enough into the skin to act on the hair bulb, where pigment absorbs the light energy and causes thermal injury to the bulb.
The pulsed light of the laser destroys dark pigment, which is why this treatment works so well on dark hair. According to specialists, the ideal candidate for laser hair removal has dark hair and light skin. Lasers prove relatively ineffective for blonde-haired people, as there’s simply not enough pigment present in their hair bulbs.
However, new technologies have come on the scene, offering fair-haired and dark-skinned people the chance to also enjoy soft, smooth and comfortable skin. Skin Innovation has just such a device, the Candela Gentlemax Pro.

Starting To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

A skin consultation is the first step as you prepare for laser hair removal. Here, a specialist determines what treatment is best for your skin colour and type. This isn’t a step you can miss – if this isn’t accounted for accurately, your skin can be burned.
The specialist will give you plenty of preparation advice, including to shave the day before and to avoid tanning. You’ll also receive tips in the clinic as you prepare for laser hair removal, including dos and don’ts.

10 Things To Know Before Treatment

  1. It’s suitable for all skin tones
    You don’t have to worry about painful or ineffective treatment, especially after a consultation.
    Older technology was not recommended for darker skin tones because of the risk of burning, but all that’s needed today is for the hair to be dark enough to be drawn to the laser. We use the Candela Gentlemax Pro, which allows us to treat most skin types and colours, although those with grey, red or very light blonde hair may not be eligible.
  2. You might need to change your beauty routine
    You should avoid scrubs, retinol creams and some other products a few days before laser hair removal. It is also suggested to start using face mists and some extra hydration if your skin is dry.
    We always recommend you avoid chemical peels a week or two before and after the laser treatment.
  3. You should shave before the treatment
    This is an easy way to prepare for laser hair removal. Experts suggest you shave your area within 24 hours before the treatment, and keep it free from makeup, lotion, deodorant, etc.
    Moreover, the treated area shouldn’t be exposed to the sun for about four weeks prior to the treatment.
  4. It’s not as painful as you think
    Usually, the treatment feels more painful on thinner skin around the nose, chin and temples. However, our Candela Gentlemax Pro uses a cryogenic cooling spray to decrease sensitivity, leading to nothing but a mild tingling sensation.
  5. It doesn’t take much time
    It depends on the area you choose, but laser hair removal is usually a fast process. For example, a full face treatment takes about 20 minutes.
  6. You’ll need good sun protection
    Skin care is always important, and this is especially true when we’re talking about laser hair removal. Be open with your dermatologist about any vacations or sun-exposure plans, so they can help you protect your recently treated skin.
  7. Sometimes, laser treatment can trigger more growth
    There are actually some types of hair that can be stimulated into growing longer and thicker. Our specialists will spot that as you prepare for laser hair removal, and let you know that your hair type isn’t suitable for the treatment.
  8. Patience is key
    Laser hair removal promises long-term results, but you must be patient to see them. It takes 2-3 weeks after the first treatment to see any difference, and about 8-12 treatments to see full results. Furthermore, you must be regular with the appointments as the hair follicles are at different stages of their growth, and every one must have a chance to get zapped.
  9. Prepare for top-up treatment
    People report roughly 90% permanent reduction in hair growth, but unfortunately there are different factors that can make hair grow back.
    It depends on your hair growth, but it is recommended you have top-up sessions, about 2-3 times a year, to keep the results from the treatment.
  10. Laser hair removal has many benefits!
    Not only can laser hair removal ensure permanent hair reduction, it can also give you much smoother and clearer skin, as well as fewer ingrown hairs and reduced skin irritation!

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